We know that sometimes, nothing helps more than seeing the faces of those who have come before you.  It helps to meet others who have had postpartum depression, anxiety/OCD, psychosis, and antenatal depression and see that they are normal, everyday women just like you.  It also helps to know they have made it through and come out on the other side as healthy and happy mothers.  We may not be able to bring them to you in person, but at the very least we can show you their faces.

We created the Warrior Moms Photo Album so that everyone can see the face of postpartum depression.  We aren’t less than.  We aren’t defective.  We aren’t strange or unusual.  We are great moms who were waylaid temporarily by a terrible illness.

If you need a lift, check out these beautiful moms with their children.  Each and every one of them is a survivor of a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder.

Pictured: PPD survivor Shannon N. from Pennsylvania

Warrior Moms Photo Album