What We've Been Up To


* Postpartum Progress launched its first private peer support forum, open to all pregnant and new moms struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, in partnership with Smart Patients.

* Postpartum Progress was listed among the New York Times‘ Must-Read Parenting Blogs.

* PPI released the first Bill of Rights for mothers with postpartum depression so that mothers are aware of their rights to proper screening and treatment for maternal mental health.

* PPI held its first international fundraising and awareness event, called Climb Out of the Darkness, in June. Nearly 200 survivors of postpartum depression and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders climbed mountains or hiked in forests or walked along beaches to symbolize their climb out of the darkness and despair of their illnesses into the light of recovery. The events were held in 40 states and seven countries, including the US, Canada, Mexico, England, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Cyprus. Each survivor also raised funds in support of their “Climb” on the fundraising platform Crowdrise. In a mere 4-week period, 100 of the Climbers  raised more than $40,000, 140% of the original goal, to help increase awareness of PPD.

* PPI founder Katherine Stone was featured in the Huffington Post and on HuffPost Live talking about the misconceptions of postpartum depression.

* PPI founder Katherine Stone was named 2013 Health Activist Hero by WEGO Health.  She was also named among the 17 most influential parenting bloggers in 2013 by Kids in the House, and among the top 10 North American Pregnancy & Childbirth bloggers of 2013 by Cision.

* PPI spoke to HLN TV’s “Raising America” about postpartum depression.

* PPI’s work was highlighted by the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Women’s Mental Health.


* PPI founder Katherine Stone was named to More magazine’s annual Fierce List and featured by AOL talking about postpartum depression.

* Launched the Warrior Moms Book Club, led by Amber Koter-Puline. The book club reads memoirs and other nonfiction related to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and provides group reviews that are posted on our blog.

* CNN featured Postpartum Progress.

* Postpartum Progress the blog had a total of 1.1 million pageviews in 2012, making it the most visited site dedicated to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.


* Postpartum Progress launched the first daily email support service for moms with postpartum depression and anxiety, together with Hopeful Publishing, called Daily Hope. Since its launch, the service has had more than 1,000 subscribers.

* PPI hosted its very first fundraising campaign with a social media blitz called Strong Start Day on October 5th, the day when more children are born than any other day.   The organization raised $10,000 in one week simply by reaching out to Twitter followers and blog readers.  More than 50 bloggers, including many recognized as the top 100 mom bloggers in the country, wrote articles in support of Strong Start Day, and the story generated more than 1 million impressions on Twitter.

*  PPI founder Katherine Stone co-hosted a Twitter chat on postpartum depression with the March of Dimes.  Women whose children are born prematurely and spend time in the NICU have a higher risk of developing postpartum depression, so this was an important topic for the March of Dimes audience.  The national organization reported that the PPD chat generated its highest traffic ever for Twitter chats.

* Postpartum Progress’ “The Six Stages of Postpartum Depression” received a 2011 Media Award from Mental Health America.

* PPI launched the Warrior Moms Photo Album, the first and only public photo album of its kind featuring women who have survived postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, antenatal depression, postpartum OCD, postpartum PTSD or postpartum psychosis. The album now has photos of more than 200 women from 42 states and seven countries.

* Postpartum Progress Inc. received its 501c3 status.


* PPI founder Katherine Stone participated in the Capitol Hill press conference celebrating Congress’ enactment of the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act. Postpartum Progress played a central role in combatting myths about the MOTHERS Act that had been delaying its passage.

* Health.com named Postpartum Progress among top 12 Great Blogs for People with Depression.


* Postpartum Progress lead the charge in putting together a coalition of experts and Warrior Moms to respond to a misleading article about postpartum depression screening in Time magazine. Time named it one of its Letters of the Year.

* Postpartum Progress launched its Six Things series, now the most popular posts at PostpartumProgress.com, in order to offer quick and easily digestible guides to understanding and recovering from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

* Postpartum Progress created its annual Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health, a 24-hour celebration of the importance of emotional health for new mothers on Mother’s Day featuring letters to new moms from nationally-recognized, award-winning female bloggers and parenting authors.   


* Postpartum Progress launched its Warrior Mom logo and brand.

* Postpartum Progress founder Katherine Stone was named a WebMD Health Hero.


* Postpartum Progress was named among the top ten depression blogs by Psych Central.


* Postpartum Progress the blog was created on July 14, 2004.