Mission & Values


helpthemomsdarkblueOur Mission

We create healthier families by raising awareness, reducing stigma, providing social support and connecting mothers to help for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like postpartum depression.

Who We Are

Postpartum Progress is a peer-to-peer 501c3 organization that works to create an atmosphere in which women can recognize when they need help for maternal mental illness, feel safe reaching out for that help, and know that a community of thousands of other mothers stands beside them and behind them.

We are catalysts. We are champions. We are instigators and innovators. We know without a scintilla of doubt that the mental health of every mother is absolutely crucial to the current and future health of her child, and we’re determined to make sure mothers are able to recover from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders as soon as possible.

Our Vision

Every pregnant and new mother with a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder will quickly recognize her illness, know why treatment is important, seek professional help and fully recover thanks to having access to the information, services and support to help her through.

Our Objectives

1. To improve awareness rates and help seeking rates among mothers with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, specifically:

  • awareness of the difference between normal new mom stress and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders
  • awareness of the fact that these moderate to severe perinatal mood and anxiety disorders require professional help
  • awareness of the potential negative consequences of not seeking help on mothers, families and children
  • willingness to take action to seek professional help

2. To improve rates of follow through to full recovery.

Our Guiding Beliefs

  • The long-term health and quality of life of families depend upon successful identification and treatment of perinatal mental illness. We believe perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are a women’s health and a children’s health issue.
  • Pregnant and new moms are still not receiving the kind of information and support they need and deserve for maternal mental illness.
  • Pregnant and new mothers are at the core of everything we do. Our work is driven by their needs and easy for them to access and understand. We are mom-focused.
  • Peer support is an integral and effective part of recovery from maternal mental illness. It improves outcomes, improves quality of life, helps connect people to treatment, reduces the burden of disease, and is highly cost effective.
  • Current patients and survivors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are a great repository of knowledge and wisdom, and can be of immense support to other pregnant and new mothers currently struggling. We believe in leveraging peer-to-peer support to reduce suffering.
  • The information we share with moms is evidence-based.
  • Postpartum Progress provides education, linkages to local resources, support of local organizations providing excellent services, and support to women who otherwise have little to no access.

Warrior Mom Values

  1. Kindness

We will always communicate with kindness and grace when speaking with other Warrior Moms. As leaders we will demonstrate the behavior we expect from others participating in our community. We have a long-standing tradition of having civil debates and providing a safe place for discussion, and we will strive to uphold that.

  1. Peer Support

We are not clinicians. We always make clear that we are mothers with lived experience here to support fellow mothers who are suffering and encourage them to seek professional help.

  1. Evidence-Based Information

We focus the information we provide on evidence-based research. We do not promote treatments and concepts related to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders that are unproven. This is why the clinical community has placed its trust in us and recommends us to their patients.

  1. Empathy

We will start from a place of giving Warrior Moms the benefit of the doubt and assuming they have good intentions. We understand that the members of our audience are suffering and thus may not be at their best. We demonstrate empathy and understanding unless and until someone becomes a detriment to the health of one of our communities.

  1. Tolerance

Postpartum Progress is for women of all races, religions, sexual preferences, socioeconomic status, parenting styles and more. We are a welcome and safe place for ALL of them. Any mother who is struggling with or thinks she may be struggling with or is a survivor of a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder is welcome.

  1. Servant Leadership

We go the extra mile. Yes, we try to provide clear information and make it easy for people to find resources on their own. But even if information is abundantly clear and easy to find, we know that struggling moms will still have difficulty. We demonstrate abundant patience and are happy to look up and provide directly the information or resources they need.

  1. Quality

We don’t compromise – not with our writing, or our products, or our events or anything else we put out with the Postpartum Progress name behind it. We always do our utmost to create awareness and support of the highest standard because Warrior Moms deserve it.

  1. Self-Care

We do our best to remember that when we don’t take care of ourselves it becomes much more difficult to care for others. We establish boundaries and recognize we can’t fix every problem or make every mother seek help or follow her treatment plan.


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