What Is A Warrior Mom?

At Postpartum Progress (PPI), we believe a key part of erasing stigma is replacing the image the public has in its mind of postpartum depression with a new one.  We chose to take on the misleading pictures of bedraggled, murderous mothers portrayed continuously in the media whenever PPD is discussed by developing the empowering Warrior Mom logo, the official logo of PPI.  It was inspired by a statue on the grounds of the University of Illinois at Chicago of a goddess protecting her baby and herself from a demon at her feet:

"Warrior Mom - postpartum depression"

The Warrior Mom logo depicts a strong woman who does the best she can to care for herself and her baby, protecting them both by fighting her illness with treatment and support from others (the shield):

"Postpartum Progress Warrior Mom logo"

Many technologically-savvy survivors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders now proudly display Postpartum Progress Warrior Mom “badges” on their own websites and blogs that if clicked link back to our blog. One mom wrote after adding a Warrior Mom badge to her site, “I honestly never once thought of myself as a ‘Survivor.’  That perspective, that term, brings me a sense of peace I would have never, ever thought possible.”

The Warrior Mom is so popular, in fact, that postpartum depression, anxiety and psychosis survivors are now getting tattoos of her or jewelry made that features her.

Warrior Mom Tattoo

Warrior Mom charm


We are immensely proud of our Warrior Mom community and all they do to erase the stigma of postpartum depression and stand up for their fellow mothers.