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Climb Out of the Darkness

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Postpartum Progress’ Climb Out of the Darkness™ is the world’s largest event raising awareness of maternal mental illnesses like postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety & OCD, postpartum PTSD, postpartum psychosis, postpartum bipolar disorder, and pregnancy depression and anxiety.  Climb Out is held on or near the longest day of the year annually to help shine the most light on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. The event features mothers and others across the globe joining together to climb mountains and hike trails to represent their symbolic rise out of the darkness of maternal mental illness and into the light of hope and recovery. 

In 2013, Postpartum Progress’ very first Climb Out of the Darkness had 177 participants in 40 states and 7 countries, and they raised $40,000 for Postpartum Progress. In 2014, Climb Out of the Darkness had more than 1,500 participants on 115 teams and 100+ private family Climbs in 43 states and 8 countries, and our Warrior Moms raised more than $165,000 to support Postpartum Progress! We are so excited at how this event has grown, and we know it’s thanks to the leadership of so many mothers who have decided to share their stories and stand up for maternal mental health.

Help us shine the light of hope with our words and our advocacy efforts so that our fellow mothers will receive better information and better treatment, and their new families will get off to the healthy and strong start they deserve. If you have questions or would like to lead or join a Climb, email us at [email protected].

To see the list of 2014 Team Climbs, check out our list  –>    2014 CLIMBS HERE 

To find answers to your questions about Climb Out of the Darkness –> CHECK OUT THE CLIMB OUT OF THE DARKNESS FAQ HERE

“I can’t say enough! When I asked for contributions the feedback from my friends/family who didn’t know the extent of what I went through was very encouraging too.”


“I am thrilled to bring more awareness to my own community, and I will do anything you need to achieve that. Thank you for all that you do. I was very proud to be a part of this Climb!”


“What surprised me the most was the responses I got from friends/neighbors who went through PPD/PPA but never talked about it!” 


“Climb Out gave me a reason to feel proud of all I have been through, instead of ashamed.”


brainstorming or decision questionsWHAT: An event that shines a light on postpartum depression and all other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth. Climb a mountain. Hike a trail. Get out in nature and celebrate maternal mental health.

WHO: Anyone who cares about maternal mental health, wants to raise awareness of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and wants to support the work of Postpartum Progress. If you’re a survivor, celebrate your triumph. If you’re struggling, honor that struggle. All are welcome. You can choose to climb by yourself, climb with just your family, or join a team climb.

WHERE: All around the world. This is a grassroots event.


  • Because more women will suffer from postpartum depression and related illnesses in a year than the combined number of new cases for men and women of tuberculosis, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, lupus, and epilepsy.
  • Because only 15% of the million women who get these illnesses in the US alone each year ever get treated.
  • Because suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the first year postpartum.
  • Because there’s very little funding to raise awareness and reduce stigma.

Climb Out of the Darkness participants raise an average of $100 each to support Postpartum Progress in the fight against stigma, shame, confusion and lack of help. Funds raised provide:

  • Free educational materials in obstetrician and pediatrician offices
  • Programs like our award-winning blog and private support forum for struggling moms
  • Advocacy for better support, less stigma and increased services for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

To learn more, email us at [email protected]

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