Creating & Leading A Climb Out of the Darkness Climb Team

If you would like to create and lead a Climb Out of the Darkness® Climb on behalf of Postpartum Progress, we think that’s fabulous. Super fabulous, even. Here are 3 simple steps to getting started:

Step 1. Crowdrise is the platform we use to register participants for the Climb, and is where your team will be hosted, where people will donate money, and where you will be able to see how much has been donated, how many members of your team there are, etc. So the first thing to do is set up your team on Crowdrise.

a.     Go here:

b.     Make sure you are on the page for Climb Out of the Darkness 2016.

c.     Click the register box on the top right.

d.     Scroll down and click “Create a Team” under Event Options and then click Next Step.

e.     Then click “Create a Team” again under Set Up Your Fundraiser. Then add your team name (see below) in the box and click Next Step.  

Team Name: State/Province – City  (your team name should start with the state it will be held in, followed by a hyphen, followed by the city your Climb will be held in)

f.      You will then log in to Crowdrise if you already have an account, or create an account if you don’t have one. (It’s free.)

g.     Next fill out all of your participant info. Be sure you check the waiver at the bottom after reviewing it.

h.     Submit and finally, click Complete Registration.

i.      Once you are done, click “Go To My Fundraising Page”. THIS is the page people will use to register for your team. When your team members register, they will click the register box, then Join A Team, then Join A Team again, then use the drop down box to select your team, and then complete registration.

Note: After you have set up your team and are on your team page, if you click the “edit fundraiser” tab, you can upload a picture, set your team fundraising goal, add some commentary, etc. Make SURE you add a picture – you can use the Climb Out logo if you’d like or we can give you a team logo to use.

Step 2. You should then hear from Postpartum Progress’ Climb Out event manager Jasmine Banks. Jasmine will share with you our Climb leaders’ guide. It has several sections covering everything from getting participants for your team, to soliciting donations, to sample letters, to a guide to reaching out to the media and much more. Please be sure you read through it very carefully. There’s a lot of very important information in it.

Step 3.  Join our private Climb Out of the Darkness Climb leaders’ Facebook group.  The Facebook group is awesome because it’s made up exclusively of Climb team leaders, and they share a lot of great ideas and tips back and forth for raising money, generating news stories, and getting more team participants. For us to add you, we have to be friends on Facebook, so send our Climb Manager, Jasmine Banks, a friend request so we can add you (

And that’s it! If you have questions, be sure to email us at Thank you so much for joining and supporting this event!!!