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Our blog is always on — 24/7/365 — and we’ve got as much information as you can possibly handle about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Worried about setbacks on the road to recovery? Yep, we’ve got that. Concerned about starting therapy for the first time? No worries. We respond to those concerns. Surprised by anger or rage as a symptom of PPD? Wondering whether you should have another baby after recovering? Curious which psychiatric medications are safe for breastfeeding? We’ve got resources for every question under the sun.

Find The Best Help

We can help you find the best help out there. Because let’s face it, it’s hard enough getting up the nerve to talk about how you’re feeling — you want to talk to someone who understands what  you’re going through and knows exactly how to help. Find a local support group for moms who have PPD and related illnesses here. Find specialists who expertise treating pregnant and new moms just like you here. And find local organizations who have made it their business to gather resources for moms in their area here.

Warrior Mom™ Stories

Read stories from moms who are just like you. Learn about their experience and how they got better.


Looking for more hope? Visit our PPD Hope Pinterest board and get some motivation, inspiration or just a nice warm, virtual hug.

Warrior Mom™ Book Club

Our Warrior Mom™ Book Club reads a few books together each year about postpartum depression, usually memoirs by moms who’ve been there. They then create a group review of the book to share on our blog. Everyone who would like to participate is welcome to join. Just email our book club leader Courtenay Xavier at

New Mom Checklist

Have no idea what to tell your doctor? Afraid to even bring up how you are feeling? We’ve been there. That’s why we created a handy dandy tool for you to use – just fill it out and bring it in. Do it for yourself and your baby! You can download the checklist for free here.

Warrior Mom™ Forum

We created our free private Warrior Mom™ Forum in partnership with the company Smart Patients for those moms that don’t yet feel comfortable asking questions, commenting or otherwise talking in public about what they’re going through. Don’t have a support group near you? We’ll bring the support group to you. Click here to join in.


Come hang out with us on our Facebook fan page. We’re always chatting about the latest news and checking in with our community.

Daily Hope

Get Daily Hope, a one-of-a-kind FREE daily email service created specifically to provide daily support for pregnant and new moms with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Get a message of encouragement and understanding in your inbox Monday through Friday for a full year from Postpartum Progress founder Katherine Stone. This service was created in partnership with Hopeful Publishing.

Warrior Mom™ Playlist

Need some musical inspiration? Check out the Postpartum Progress Warrior Moms Playlist on Spotify. It’s free to join Spotify — just sign up — and you can then follow our list. It was compiled by moms who’ve had perinatal mood and anxiety disorders to help their sisters climb out of the darkness, and it features two hours of music, featuring everything from pop, gospel and country to reggae and rock. You may not like every song, but you’re sure to find some music here that will help you get through the struggle. If you don’t have access to Spotify, you can find the list of songs here so that you can create your own playlist on any streaming music service.

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