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Direct Contacts

Media Relations – Lesley Neadel, 1-877-470-4877 ext 6.

Warrior Mom® Conference, Education & Training – Susan Petcher, wmc@postpartumprogress.org, 1-877-470-4877, ext. 3

Social Media/Blog – Jenna Hatfield, editor@postpartumprogress.org, 1-877-470-4877, ext. 4

Climb Out of the Darkness® – Jasmine Banks, climbout@postpartumprogress.org, 1-877-470-4877, ext. 2

Volunteers/Warrior Mom® Ambassadors – Miranda Wicker, volunters@postpartumprogress.org, 1-877-470-4877, ext. 5

Research – Shannon Hennig, research@postpartumprogress.org

Providers/Support Group Resource Lists – Jennifer Silliman, resources@postpartumprogress.org

If you are a mom who is struggling and has a question or needs help, please contact Heather King at help@postpartumprogress.org or fill out the contact form below, which will also send an email to Heather. If you are not a mom who needs help, please use one of the email addresses above. 



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