The New Mom Checklist for Maternal Mental Health Help was created by Postpartum Progress® to facilitate helpful conversation between struggling mothers and the clinicians who can help them.  It has a 5th grade reading level, and was developed with feedback from clinical experts and more than 30 survivors of maternal mental illness.  


  • Empower mothers to help themselves.
  • Serve as a tool to facilitate conversations that can be difficult for mothers to start with their doctors and other care providers.
  • Reinforce the variety of recognized, evidence-based symptoms of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders to both mothers and clinicians.
  • Reinforce the variety of recognized, evidence-based risk factors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders to both mothers and clinicians.
  • Help clinicians get a clearer picture of how to best assist their patients.

You are welcome to download, print and distribute copies of the New Mom Checklist, as long as the copies are not altered, cut and pasted, or edited in any way. Just scroll down, enter your correct name and email below and click the green subscribe button, and we will send you the PDF. If you are interested in licensing or co-branded opportunities for our copyrighted content, please reach out to 

If you have questions, need help or would like to share feedback, please contact us at Also, be sure to check out our other downloadable tools:

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