Our Partners

Working together with the National Council for Behavioral Health, in 2016 Postpartum Progress will train more than 400 survivors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders in Mental Health First Aid, an evidence-based full-day training program that prepares everyday people to help anyone with a mental illness.

Our private support forum on the Smart Patients platform is for moms who don’t yet feel comfortable asking questions, commenting or otherwise talking in public about what they’re going through. It’s free, open to all and monitored by a survivor who is a former mental health case worker. We now have more than 2,600 moms using the forum, many of whom do not have access to local support groups.

Postpartum Progress is partnering with digital health technology company Iodine to offer Iodine’s mobile app Start to moms to help them track their experience with a new depression treatment. The partnership seeks to help mothers with postpartum depression find what will work best for them individually, as well as generate population-level insights around the experience of women with maternal mental illness.

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