What Your Donation Gets

How does your donation to Postpartum Progress impact moms and families?


$10        Helps us keep current (and continue to grow) our referral list of more than 400 specialist providers in maternal mental health. This gives mothers 24/7 direct access to a list of people who understand what they are going through and can offer them the professional help needed to fully recover from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

“Thank you for posting [our practice] on the resource page of your site. A mother who very much needed our services was able to find us thanks to that listing!”


$20        Provides one set of free patient education materials, including Hugs cards and our New Mom Checklist for Maternal Mental Health Help, to a clinician or other provider who serves pregnant and new mothers. These materials will help 50 mothers in a community access resources they need for support during their illness and help open up difficult conversations with their care providers about their illnesses.

“Your resources are some of my favorite because they really are written in a way that makes them accessible, relatable and not intimidating. Can’t wait to add this to our intake.”

“I have shared your tools with a local department of health work group, who have then shared them with providers’ offices (Ob-Gyn, midwives) to hopefully distribute to their patients.  I have advocated that these resources be given to every pregnant patient the doctors and midwives see.”


$30        Provides an entire year of support via the Postpartum Progress Private Forum to a mother who otherwise has no access to support groups. The forum is monitored, and always open, unlike support groups that often only meet once a week or twice a month.

“Postpartum Progress saved my life when I was suffering from postpartum depression, anxiety and OCD. The online support group was a resource I used often. They helped me find a specialist as close to where I live as possible. They have been supportive in a way I couldn’t have imagined someone could be that I’ve never met.”


$50        Provides one mother with Daily Hope, Postpartum Progress’ daily email service created specifically to provide messages of support and encouragement for moms with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, for a full year.

“Postpartum Progress’ Daily Hope emails were the light in my days after my daughter was born. I saved them, I would read them in the middle of the night on my phone as I sat in a dark room, exhausted and spent yet unable to sleep, and I would not feel so isolated.”


$150    Provides a culturally relevant, medically correct translation of our patient education and support materials into another language. This ensures that all moms who need our help are able to access it.

“We are excited to share with our families and Health Department partners. Do you have a Spanish version of [your tools] yet?”


$200    Provides for one week of our award winning educational website PostpartumProgress.com, reaching a minimum of 30,000 pageviews.

“This site is a great place for me to refer moms that are struggling – I know they will get accurate information in ‘Plain Mama English’, and the reassurance that they are never alone in their struggle. This can actually mean the difference between life and death for some families, and I have no doubt that this site has saved the lives of countless many women. I follow the site daily and truly believe that it will change the way ALL maternal mental illnesses are treated.”